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Renting an apartment in Recoleta, Buenos Aires

Have you ever heard of Buenos Aires?

It isn't unlikely that you have heard, at some point, the words Buenos Aires. The capital city of Argentina has become famous thanks to Argentinean cultural icons such as tango and world famous football players Messi and Maradona. Those who know about food and drinks also know Argentina for its great meat cuisine and its high quality wines. 

However, most of the treasures of Buenos Aires are yet to be discovered by the world. This capital city is unlike many other metropolis you might have visited or heard of. Argentina itself is a very particular country, with a unique culture of mainly latino heritage but also a rich combination of elments from almost al corners of the world. The result of this unconventional mixture is a country with great variety and personality, and there is definitely no place that better incarnates this essence than its capital city, Buenos Aires.

This is one of the places of America that you simply can't afford to skip. It's full of surprises, unexpected marvels and people of the best kind. The inhabitants of Buenos Aires are as nice and merry as a latino can get. This is a very cosmopolitan city, and it isn't rare to see people from all ethnics and cultures walking down the street, just minding their business. All of them have contributed to create a vibrating city of endless cultural and touristic offers. 

Pick the best of the best

As Buenos Aires is as varied as it gets, of course not all neighborhoods are nice to visit. Buenos Aires houses very posh people as well as people from the other end, quite an accurate picture of the world itself. If you want to travel to Buenos Aires and have a good time, there are plenty of places we can advise you to see; but when it comes to accommodation, you better choose the best parts of the city.

Good news is that, in Buenos Aires, you can afford accommodation in posh areas, and rent apartments who would be far away from your reach in Europe, while somehow feeling at home. The top class neighborhood of Recoleta, a very old, historical area of the city, is preferred by international travelers who know what is good. Most buildings here have a strong European, Belle Epoque heritage, with French architecture being the neighborhood's favorite. Recoleta is full of points of cultural interest and museums, beautifully maintained squares with sculptures and fountains, and en exquisite culinary offer.

You must visit Recoleta if you happen to travel to Buenos Aires. It is arguably the most beautiful neighbourhood of the city, there are plenty of things to do and enjoy, and the simple experience of walking down its amazing streets will transport to a world of charm.

Rent a posh apartment

If you look at some of the most beautiful buildings in Recoleta, the first thing that you will think is "I can't afford that". Rental for the same sort of places in the United Kingdom is beyond the possibilities of people out of the 1%. 

However, things in Argentina are very different. A short term apartment rental in Recoleta is actually accessible for any tourist from Europe. The overall prices of this country are very low compared to those in the United Kingdom, so your secret dream of seeing the sun rise over the river from the window of a posh, Belle Epoque apartment is suddenly on your reach. Moreover, the particular economic measures taken by the local government have enforced the informal currency exchange at an extremely convenient rate for foreigners who carry dollars. In other words, if you purchase local currency at an informal rate, you will get so much money that you will be able to live like a posh in Buenos Aires without risking your children's college fund.

Another great thing for you is that there are usually many apartments free for rental in Buenos Aires, in all neighbourhoods. Despite their accessible prices for foreigners, the low local salaries and the ongoing economical crisis makes it very difficult for owners to let their apartments for rent. The possitive side of challenges of renting in Argentina is that there are lots of unoccupied flats for you to choose.

We encourage you to visit the city of Buenos Aires at least once in your lifetime. People fall in love with Buenos Aires, its people, its places and its amazing cuisine. Give this city - and yourself - a chance and get on a plane, you will definitely never forget going to Buenos Aires.

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